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Garfield Rules!

Episode 72

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"The Pizza Patrol, The Son Also Rises, Rolling Romance"
Air date: 11/9/1991

The Pizza Patrol: A man comes up. He explains a mission to a group called the "Pizza Patrol". Their mission: To make pizza and deliver it to Garfield. A scrolling message then explains a little bit about the group. A narrator then narrates their aforementioned "greatest challenge." The camera then zooms into Jon's house, and then to Garfield. Garfield is watching a commercial about the Pizza Patrol. When the man says to call them, Garfield immediately dashes to Jon and drags him to the phone. Jon orders a pepperoni "and uh..everything else" pizza. The camera zooms out to Garfield, who is recording his order. The man recieves the call, and orders a pizzamaker to make a pizza and deliver it to Jon's house. Meanwhile, Garfield is on the sidewalk chewing the extra size Wikki Wakki bubble gum. Using chewed gum, he makes a trap and keeps the pizzamaker in the same place for the allotted time needed for the pizza to become free. The man scolds the pizzamaker, then recieves another call, this time from the recording. The man then calls another pizzamaker. Garfield tricks the second pizzamaker into thinking he has the wrong block. The third pizzamaker pleads to the man not to send him out. The man then scolds the third pizzamaker. The third pizzamaker falls down a trap. The man then scolds all the pizzamakers. They recieve another call. The man then tries to deliver a pizza. He succeeds in evading Garfield the first time. The second time, he gets stuck in quicksand. The two finally strike an agreement.
The Son Also Rises: Roy is patrolling the chicken coop. He shows Orson the Little Gem Weaselwatcher. Orson warns him to stay around the chicken coop. Booker comes up to Orson and asks him why Wade is such a coward. Wade runs past them, screaming about a caterpillar, then chocolate pudding, and about Tuesday. Orson picks up Wade and asks him what the thing Wade is holding is and why he's afraid of it. He replies to Wade's answer, saying "You said that once when you lost a doughnut." Wade says that his father is to visit him, and that his father thinks he is brave and courageous. Orson replies, "What gave him that idea?" Wade says that he always told his father that. The weasel sneaks out of the bush in a chicken costume. He fools Roy into thinking he's a chicken. But the Weaselwatcher says otherwise. Roy hoses the weasel out of the chicken coop. It cuts to Orson and Wade, discussing Wade's lie. Wade cues a flashback, explaining about his father. The flashback ends, and Wade's father arrives. Roy is fooled into thinking Bo is the weasel. The weasel runs by Wade and his father with some chickens. Wade finally catches the weasel, and Wade confesses to his father. Surprisingly, his father confesses the same thing.
Rolling Romance: Garfield and Odie are going to watch King Kong Gets a Mohawk Cut, when Odie gives Garfield the garage door opener instead of the remote, and consequently trash the car. Jon doubts he could buy a car. A TV commercial comes on, answering Jon's question. Garfield and Odie try to stop Jon, but to no avail. The new voice alert helps Jon start the car, and it complains about Garfield. Jon says he loves the car, and it replies with the same. Jon takes his date to a restaraunt, and it says false things about his date. It then chases Jon into his bedroom. Garfield gets information about the car's former love. They reunite the car with her love, and the episode ends.

Comments: This was a great episode!

Grade: 10/10

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