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Garfield Rules!

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Lyrics (including intro):
Garfield: All excited about renting a tape, Odie?
Odie: *yawns*
Garfield: YOU DON'T CARE? Odie, don't you understand the value of video tapes in the world today?
Odie: *shakes head*
Garfield: They provide a way to travel the world without leaving your chair! Or the vincinity of your refigerator.
Garfield: *singing*
This may appear to be a video tape
But it's a first-class ticket to a great escape

Take a journey to where the tropical sun shines
Just take a trip on Video Airlines..

Now turn the knob on your TV set
It'll send you faster than a turbo jet!

From your living room
To where a friendly Martian dines
Just take a trip on Video Airlines

You can sail the Nile,
climb Mount Everest,
mingle with society
Where they never rest

The Artic Circle
to Elmer Square!
A video can take you nearly anywhere!

From the densest jungle,
to the emptiest space,
Wild adventure,

You can be a soldier,
Or a star!
Your imagination tells you who you are!

So grab a bunch
Of the movies here
Places oh so far become
Oh so near

Spend some time in the desert
Or the sheltering pines
Jungle vines, King Solomon's mine
When your bod reclines
Your tummy dines
Just take a trip on Video AirLINES!


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Garfield is Copyright Jim Davis.