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"Peace And Quiet,Wanted:Wade,Garfield Goes Hawaiian"
Air date: 9/17/1988


Peace And Quiet: Jon has accidentally left the TV on after he went to sleep. He finds Garfield watchng the end of a boring 24-hour special. Jon sees a Binky commercial for a birthday surprise by Binky. He turns the TV off and puts Garfield to bed. Garfield hears a noise, which breaks his sleep. He goes where the noise is (the faucet), and puts a cork in the faucet. He hears Binky, and comes to the door, angry. He says he came there to deliver a birthday surprise to an Edna Fogerty. Binky tries anything to deliver Edna her present, but still doesn't knowthat he has the wrong house. Garfield dresses as an old lady to  keep Binky away. Jon comes home, and has a surprise for Garfield, of course, Binky.
Wanted: Wade: Roy puts a CD called "101 Rooster Calls" in a stereo he bought from a horse. It keeps playing on and on, until Orson goes to Roy's coop, and meanwhile, Wade accidentally rips a tag off of one of Orson's pillows on his couch. He runs around, like he usually does, and hits himself with a rake. He falls down and has a dream. After he gets up, he crashes into Roy and Orson. Roy says that he regrets buying the stereo. Orson says that their neighbors called the cops. Booker forms a plan to scare Wade, and it suceeds.
Garfield Goes Hawaiian: Liz tells Jon about a new cat flu called "The Hawaiian Cat Flu". It turns out that Garfield has that same flu. Jon tries to give Garfield medicine that will help, but Garfield refuses. Jon enters him in a silly talent show, but before the cat show, Garfield takes the medicine, and is cured. When they come to the show,Jon thinks Garfield still has the flu, and embarrasses himself in front of the audience. It turns out they won the prize!

Comments: All of them are very good.

Grade (on a scale of 10): 10


Peace And Quiet:



Wanted Wade:



Garfield Goes Hawaiian



Garfield is Copyright Jim Davis.